Avatar Portraits -Painted on Canvas
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Avatars in virtual universes (as are used as three-dimensional human or fantastic representations of a person's self. Such representations can explore the virtual universe in Internet. They are in using their avatar, add to it, or conduct conversations with other users, and can be customized by the user. The term "avatar" can also refer to the personality connected with the screen name, or handle, of an Internet user.

DEFINITION OF AVATAR:  According with the Hindu mythology, the term AVATAR (avatāra) means the incarnation or earthly form (temporary human or animal form) assumed by a hindu deity, especially Vishnu.

Many users are very proud of his/her beautiful avatar. They have spent many, many hours, often weeks or months working on their characters.  After all, an avatar is her/his own person in the virtual world.  An avatar portrait painted on canvas from our artist would be the best commemoration of all that time and effort, and a lasting rewarding to the creativity.

Artycan will create a unique avatar oil painting based on a screenshot you send us. Also we can drop into your world and work with you to get the best shot possible.

A portrait painted on canvas, is the perfect gift for the person who almost  has everything !

We are located in Toronto / Barrie, Ontario, Canada. We send your  Avatar Portrait painted on canvas by mail to United States - USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, etc.


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